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2002 Yesheng Raw Puer

This 2002 cake raw Puer was produced at Fuhai tea factory* and kept in clean Guangzhou dry storage for as long as we can trace its history. The soup is burly and full of flavor, with some lingering astringency when pushed. It has a strong returning sweetness and flavors in the deep woody realm. An excellent example of clean dry stored Guangzhou Puer. This tea is ready to drink now as an aged tea, or could be aged further as you see fit.

Each cake is roughly 357 grams with samples available.

*As with any tea, we think it is best to sample and make sure you like the tea based on the qualities it offers rather than the numerical age or pedigree
357 gram cake of 2002 yesheng raw Puer stored in Guangzhou clean dry storage.

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