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November 29, 2019 1 min read

Our biggest tea sale of the year is live!

Free worldwide shipping on orders over $20, no coupon necessary.

The first 100 orders over $150 will receive a free limited edition chabu (tea towel) with their order.

Every customer who orders during the sale will be entered* to win a free gigantic Puer cake (one ripe and one raw).

Orders over $500 will receive a free month of our December tea club, which is a 200 gram tea club exclusive huangpian cake. Existing tea club member will receive a $30 refund for their order, or an additional cake with their subscription, whichever they prefer; simply make a note on your order if you already a member.

Enjoy our big sale and don't delay! The sale ends when Cyber Monday comes to a close. (midnight PST Dec 2, 2019)

*Only one entry per customer. Multiple orders during the sale will not result in multiple chances to win. The drawing for the cake will be selected randomly from every customer who has ordered between now and the end of Cyber Monday (midnight PST Dec 2, 2019). We will announce the winning order number on social media and attempt to contact the winner via the e-mail address on their order. If the winner does not respond within 48 hours, we will randomly select a new winner. The winner will receive a free giant cake of tea and shipping and handling will be paid by white2tea as well.

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