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November 04, 2012 1 min read

Puer Teas for Fall and Winter Accompanying the first snow of the season, some announcements about our puer teas. Lamentably, we are almost out of 2005 Zhongcha Green Label Tiepai cakes, with less than a tong left. These are the last of these cakes, once we are sold out we will not be able to refill stocks. The 2008 Taochaju Laoman'eis a group of tongs shipped last week, fresh from storage in Fujian. This group has a slightly more aged taste and darker leaves; more mature than the last group of cakes. They also have a very light wet storage taste, but it will likely disappear in a short amount of time or only be present in the first couple of steeps. After this group of tongs, we will be increasing the price of this tea. Welcome to winter (or whatever season is joining you) and as always, we appreciate your business.

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