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Basics Puer Tea Sample Set

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Our goal when making the basics set was to offer an affordable crash course in Puer tea to anyone, anywhere.

The set contains the following four 100 gram mini-cakes:

    1. 2018 Spring Raw Puer Tea

    1. 2017 Autumn Raw Puer Tea

    1. 2018 Huangpian

    1. 2014 Aged Raw Puer Tea

The spring and autumn teas are from the same village and same farmer, in order to provide a direct vertical tasting between seasons. The huangpian[the larger, older leaves] cake is from spring 2018 and can be used as a way to understand raw Puer when it is pressed with a larger grade of leaf. The aged raw Puer allow for new Puer drinkers to experience what several years of age can do to smooth out a raw Puer tea.

For brewing instructions, we recommend reading this article.

Basics Puer Tea Sample Set is a tool for learning about raw Puer tea. Each purchase is for one mini-tong containing four 100 gram mini-cakes. The total amount of tea is 400 grams. Each cake was pressed by machine in 2018.


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