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2021 Wood Chips Laochatou

Laochatou are a condensed nugget of tea that naturally fuses together during the shou Puer pile process. These are from a 2021 batch.

A woody style of shou Puer from a big old pile. Smooth soup, aromatic and thick when pushed. A great daily drinker for lovers of shou Puer with a forest-centric palate.

Available in 50g and 250g bags of loose laochatou.

A word of fair warning, normally shou Puer can be sorted out using machines to remove most unwanted bits like hair, stray threads and the like, but with chatou the tea is fused together. So, if you are faint of heart and scared of a few stray bits here and there, skip this tea and go for a pressed cake like Lumber Slut. If you're not afraid of some white spots and surprises, this is a rewarding pile of nuggets. No need to break them apart, just hit them with a boiling rinse and you're off to the races.


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