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2022 Double Smoke Fuzhuan

Anhua heicha fu zhuan, or fu brick, is a post fermented tea from Hunan province in China that contains "golden flowers" (eurotium cristatum).

A white2tea commission, this is 2021 material that was pressed and smoked in 2022. The tea was smoked once using a traditional qixingzao(literally "7 star stove", the large multi-holed stove used to fire dry anhua heicha) which is typical of Anhua heicha, but then smoked an additional time using pine at our behest to increase the smokey depth of the tea.

A great fit as a daily drinker for those who love a bit of tooth to their brew. Tobacco and campfire notes over the typical strength of a fu brick. Perfect to drink now or age as you please.

Each brick is ~1000g of pressed tea.

Disclaimer: We've heard that people suffering from gluten allergies may be sensitive to Fu zhuan / eurotium cristatum. Best to avoid this tea if you are sensitive or have Celiac disease


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