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2024 Dark Peony

Yet another oddball white2tea processing adventure. Our 2024 Dark Peony is a Yunnan tea produced at our behest with a sort of combination between Fujian white tea style processing with the addition of oxidation that mimics an aged white or black tea.

Dark Peony has a complex aromatic profile that lilts between the brighter tones of a fresh white tea and the deeper ripe stone fruits of a black tea. The soup's character is somewhere in between sharp and soft, with a playful little dancing between personalities that make it both engaging and difficult to pin down.

Each cake is 200g. The cakes are in bamboo tongs, with five cakes per tong. Pressed in 2024.

*For categorical boxes, Dark Peony doesn't quite fit into either the white or black tea box, and technically is probably an oolong, due to it's partial oxidation during processing. However, for ease of understanding of this tea, since it drinks more like a black tea/white tea hybrid, we have listed it across those two categories rather than as an oolong tea, which in practice, it does not really resemble at all.

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