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World on Fire Teacup V2

A thick and chunky porcelain cup for big solo sessions and existential dread.

This World on Fire V2 teacup was designed and commissioned by white2tea. Made with a technique called langhong (also sometimes "ox blood" or langyaohong) that was developed in the Qing dynasty. The deep red exterior color of the glaze is famous for being difficult to control and fire correctly in the kiln.

Each piece is Jingdezhen porcelain, handmade and hand painted for white2tea. The pictures accurately represent the overall design of the teacup, however, as one would expect with a fully handmade and hand painted teacup there will be slight variations from cup to cup, such as imagery, color and clarity. Embrace the uniqueness of each piece.

Teacup dimensions:

Volume: ~ 100 ml

Height: ~ 5.5 cm

Diameter : ~ 9 cm

Weight: ~ 150 g


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