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2020 Milan Maocha Brick

The 2020 Milan Maocha is a bit of a misnomer, how can a tea be both maocha [loose tea] and a brick? In this case, the term maocha refers to the Dancong oolong tea being left in its raw form before pressing. We commissioned this production to be left with stems and large leaves for this pressing. The roast is medium-heavy, roasted for 24 hours with the highest temperature at 125 C. The heavier roast will evolve and calm in the coming years, despite having a slight bite at the time of pressing.

The brick is incredibly fragrant, with deeper honey and floral flavors emerging throughout the course of a session. This tea is still slightly punchy, but the tea has a complex interplay between the roast and the brighter aspects of a traditional Milan Dancong. Excellent endurance, this tea can be re-steeped for a very long time. Drink now or age as you please.

Each brick is 200 grams.

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