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2020 Unicorn

The return of the sold out 2019 Unicorn. This just missed the release with our other 2020 Spring teas, so we are releasing it later than usual.

This tea is more of a personal production; a few kilograms of scraped together astronomically priced Yiwu. I wouldn't really recommend this tea for people who are new to drinking raw Puer. (under several years or so) The reasons this tea is phenomenal are not "slap in the face obvious", but it is unbelievably comforting to drink, like sweet silk covering your throat and stomach. Drink this tea if you are deep into Yiwu and have the budget, otherwise pretend you never saw this and buy the 2020 inb4 instead. It is a much better value and also a very high end Yiwu raw Puer.

Each cake is 200 grams.


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