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2021 Smokeshou

We called our friends in Fujian in early spring and reserved pine wood for tea smoking, anxiously awaiting our space in line. Our Puer all blended in Yunnan, we shipped the blends to Fujian in summer. A veteran Lapsang smoker spent 3 days smoking our tea, smoking at temperatures from 100C to 120C in an old style Lapsang smokehouse in Tongmuguan village.

The unity of old school Fujian tea processing techniques with high quality base materials yields a totally unique smoke experience that pushes the tradition of smoked Puer tea in Yunnan (both the intentional and haphazard unintentional versions).

The pine smoke character is laced through the blend with an intense nose that will settle into the base of the tea with aging, eventually transforming into a rare combination of flavors and aromas that few Puer teas can mimic.

Obviously this tea is a natural fit for cigar lovers and Scotch whisky fanatics who want tea in the morning, but this tea is a surprise that will likely garner even fans who are wary of smoke.

Smokeshou is a blend of our own small batch shou Puer. A thick bodied tea with layers of bitterness and smoke over the rich and velvety shou mouthfeel. Perfect tea for cold weather or a rainy day.

Each cake is 200 grams of tea.

For aging, we recommend that smoked teas be sealed and separated from other teas, as the fresh smoke will pass along to the teas next to it. Or you can keep them with your cigars.


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