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October 10, 2021 1 min read

New tea releases above, including some unique innovations in small batch shou Puer and smoked teas. Which tea is right for you? Choose your own adventure:

Your cups sell out too fast, please link me to the cups.
You fancy a tiny campfire.
You'd rather burn down the castle.
During character creation you opt for neutral evil.
Alignment? Neutral evil. Race? Halfling.
What if aged sheng cost less and wasn't sheng at all?
I would like small batch shou, but i'm not made of money.
Wait, I am, in fact, made of money. Gimme that good good.
I'm easy going and like smooth little fruits.
My loved ones are urging me to not have whisky and cigars for breakfast.
That breakfast sounds problematic, I'll just have Waffles, please.
Are you sure we can't interest you in a tiny scotch?

Enjoy the new teas everyone!

Your friendly reminder that shipping from China during this pandemic has been tough! Orders are taking a lot longer than usual, but we really appreciate your patience during the waits. We are not necessarily saying you should do your tea Christmas shopping now, but...you probably should.
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Mid-Autumn Festival Tea Sale
Mid-Autumn Festival Tea Sale

September 17, 2021 1 min read

Use coupon code mooncake for $5 off orders over $50 all weekend long! Every order big and small will also receive two additional free samples totaling over 50g (no coupon needed).

Our newly updated Oolong and Black Tea sections are full of fresh Lapsang and Dancong teas, as well as our newly added first shou Puer tea pressings of 2021. Tea from three provinces and a little something for everyone!
2021 Back 2 School Tea Sale
2021 Back 2 School Tea Sale

August 20, 2021 1 min read

Summer is coming to an end, time for a big sale! We will have free shipping on all orders over $20 with coupon code back2school.

The sale is this weekend only and ends at midnight PST on Sunday August 22nd. We appreciate you sticking with us during the covid era! Shipping times are relatively normal right now, but covid continues to impact international flights and is still causing more chaos than usual with shipping.


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