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November 25, 2021 1 min read

Free Shipping on tea orders over $29, worldwide

Black Friday and Cyber Monday, our biggest sale of the year is live. No coupon needed, all orders over $29 receive free international shipping on tea and teaware, all weekend long.

We have new black teas, white teas, Puer teas and teaware, all online now!

Need a little help picking from our new offerings? Why not choose your own adventure:

You overslept and missed class.
You were out all night until the moon was high.
You enjoy midnight activity in moderation.
You are a full blown wild child.
You skipped one class to spend a sunny day in the arbor.
You skipped the entire school day.
You skipped a week of class, but you might go back eventually.
You dropped out of school to live in the arboretum.
You dropped out of school to go rock climbing.
You dropped out of school to go skateboarding.
You dropped out of school to join the Audubon Society.
You never went to school in the first place, you'd rather sing at a bar.
You were suspended from the academy for stealing candy.
You were expelled from the academy for stealing the dean's decanter.
You've never been in trouble and finish your homework in a timely matter.
Ok, maybe a little trouble.

Don't snooze on these deals, they won't last long. The sale ends on Monday, Nov 29th at midnight PST.
white2tea co.
white2tea co.

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