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2020 The Nameless One

Our 2020 The Nameless One is an entirely small batch shu Puer blend that pushes the boundaries of shu Puer tea.

Most people don't bother fermenting high end material themselves to make shu Puer tea. Even fewer people yet bother taking high end raw Puer and fermenting at very light levels which are riskier and more difficult to control. Even fewer people than that make multiple small batches of high end, deftly fermented materials and then blend them together.

Lucky for you, we are not most people.

The Nameless One blends several high end materials from several regions at several different levels of fermentation. The result is syrupy thickness, mouth watering huigan, and a complex and engaging steep to steep experience that will make you question the genre. This tea was blended to age, but it's entrancing now.

This is the culmination of five years of intense observation of the pile fermenting process in Menghai. If you're a fan of our teas, do not skip this. I'd recommend a tong for ten years from now.

Each cake is 200 grams of tea.


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