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Very Old Huangpian

Ages get thrown around quite loosely when describing older raw Puer teas these days. Not sure what to write about this tea except that it is one of the oldest cleanly stored huangpian I have had access to. This purchase is from a private collector who doesn't have a large amount of this production. Purchased for my own personal tea drinking, I decided to see if anybody else wanted to partake. This tea has been cleanly stored in dry Southern China storage. There is a strong sense of past bitterness and a strong personality that I associate with Bulang area material, but the true age and origin of this tea is anybody's guess. The flavors range from medicinal to wood and incense, with a thick body and presence.

The soup color pictured is from a ten second steep after a rinse.

Each cake is roughly 357 grams. All of the usual aged tea caveats apply. Try a sample and see if you enjoy it. If you order a full cake, be aware that these cakes are messy in shape and size, with small bits of non-tea being common enough to mention. If you find anything egregious just let us know (particularly anything that detracts from the overall cake weight) and we will be happy to help out.
Cleanly stored aged raw Puer made from large leaves. Teas pressed at this time, particularly those with perceived low value, are likely to have random bits of this and that in the cake. If this type of risk scares you, this tea might not be for you.

If you would like a number for the age, this tea was presented to us as being from the late 1980's, however we feel that 1990's is a more conservative estimate. Numbers aside, we hope you have a chance to try this tea. It's a special one.

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