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Basics Puer Tea Sample Set

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Our goal when making the basics set was to offer an affordable crash course in Puer tea to anyone, anywhere.

The Basics Puer tea sample set is a tool for education and for introducing tea drinkers to raw Puer tea. The set contains the following four 100 gram mini-cakes:

    1. 2015 Spring Raw Puer Tea

    1. 2014 Autumn Raw Puer Tea

    1. 2014 Huangpian

    1. 2007 Aged Raw Puer Tea

The spring, autumn, and huangpian[the larger, older leaves] teas are all from the same village/producer, allowing for a side-by-side comparison of different seasons and grade of leaf. The aged raw Puer is from a different village, but similar area, allowing for new Puer drinkers to experience what the aging process can do to raw Puer tea.

Each set also includes a brief description of each type of tea. For brewing instructions, we recommend reading this article.

Basics Puer Tea Sample Set is a tool for learning about Puer tea with samples. Each purchase is for one mini-tong containing four 100 gram mini-cakes. The total amount of tea is 400 grams. Each cake was pressed by machine in 2015.

Some mini-tongs from the production run are stamped with a blue stamp, rather than the White2tea logo, due to a lack of electricity needed to emboss the bamboo during the production run. The cakes inside are identical.

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