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2007 White2Tea Repave

Repave was made with aged puer tea material from 2007, which was stored in Menghai for 7 1/2 years prior to being pressed in November of 2014. The soup is already a dark bronze color, sweet and soft. The material is from Hekai. This is the second and final pressing of this material. Some of the wrappers were stamped incorrectly as 2006.
Aged Puer tea made with 2007 Spring raw material from Hekai (We are unable to say with certainty the age of the trees, but the material is very good quality), stored in Menghai for 7 years and pressed in 2014. 200 gram cake. Hand processed, stone pressed, and sun dried. Easily the best bargain of our "2014" White2tea selection.

Normally we are wary of purchasing older maocha [loose puer material], however this tea was purchased directly from a farmer who we have known for years and trust. This is the second and final pressing of this material. When it is gone, it is gone for good.

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