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2015 Brown Sugar

Ripe Puer Tea from White2tea, made using 2012 material, pressed in 2015.

This tea is made from a pile fermented exclusively with top tier huangpian [the largest leaf used in Puer production]. The Brown Sugar brick has Menghai character. The soup is sweet and smooth. It was rested for over two years prior to pressing and is ready to drink now or store for the long term. The material used is of uncommonly high quality. Later steeps are light in color, with a sweet and soft profile.

The fermentation level of this tea was around 65%, which is considered light. Some leaves may even be slightly greenish, and will continue to become darker with further aging.
The Brown Sugar brick was pressed in 2015 using 2012 ripe Puer huangpian [large leaf] material, which underwent shu Puer processing in 2o13. 250g brick shape pressing. Sorry Mom, for the casual swearing.

The soup of this tea might be slightly cloudy, due to its recent pressing. It will become increasingly clear with time.

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