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2015 Tuhao as #$&%

2015 Tuhao Raw Puer Tea from White2tea.

This tea is our attempt at blending a tea with character similar to Laobanzhang, without using any actual Laobanzhang material. Though Laobanzhang character is not a singular thing, and can mean literally hundreds of different things, we opted for a tea with a lighter bitterness and more sweetness and internal strength.

The cake is a commentary on the focus on brand name, fame, and authenticity. The tea itself is excellent quality. Despite not being "real" Laobanzhang, it is real tea.
Pressed in 2015 by stone. 200g cakes, with 5 cakes in a bamboo tong.

What does 土豪 [Tuhao] mean? Tuhao are the newly wealthy class of China, known for a lack of taste ( gaudy fashion sense, gold, jaguar print, etc.) and buying what is expensive, rather than what is good. 2 Hao [好]is a pinyin/english pun, meaning "too good".

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