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2016 Sister Brother

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The Sister Brother set is a comparison sample set that illustrates the difference in processing styles that can exist between two different people, in this case a sister and brother.

The material in the bricks is identical Nannuo mountain material, but each brick was commissioned to be processed by only one person. The sister brick is material processed with a shorter kill green phase at a lower temperature, where as the brother brick is processed with a higher flame and fried for a longer time. These are their natural processing styles as people, I simply told them to process the tea as they normally would and to keep their respective materials separate for pressing.

This set is best used in a side by side comparison to see how the person processing a tea can influence the end results of identical material. It should shed light on how much variation can truly occur, not only within a "single origin" tea, but even within a family using identical material from a single tea garden.

Each set is 200 grams of raw Puer tea, comprised of two 100g bricks. Though this is an educational set, the tea is pretty damn nice - learning should be fun.
The Sister Brother set includes two separate 100g Raw Puer bricks pressed in 2016. Each set totals 200g of tea.

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