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2018 Sun Fu

Anhua heicha fu zhuan, or fu brick, is a post fermented tea from Hunan province in China that contains "golden flowers" (eurotium cristatum).

Not your average fu brick. After sampling endlessly throughout Anhua, the final victor among the legions of fu bricks vying for a coveted spot in the curated white2tea lineup.

Beautiful tea all around. Thick and rich with plenty of feeling, but without being too overwhelming for the daily cup. Sweet and aromatic daily fu that screams its value with every steep. Can not express how quickly you will tear through a kilogram brick.

Each brick is ~1000g of pressed tea.

Disclaimer: We've heard that people suffering from gluten allergies may be sensitive to Fu zhuan / eurotium cristatum. Best to avoid this tea if you are sensitive or have Celiac disease


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