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2019 Green Hype

A full 200g cake of this tea will be featured in our June tea club. Join before May 31st to be a part of the club!

The latest version of our lauded 2018 Green Hype. The 2019 Green Hype has a significant amount of aged material in the blend to smooth it out from the start. A formidable thickness and full bodied mouthfeel with an intense huigan [the lingering sweetness in the mouth after drinking a tea]. Excellent daily drinking raw Puer with plenty of intrigue and character to keep you engaged from cup to cup. Age or chug immediately as you please.

Each cake is 200 grams.

The stamp on this cake is incorrect, reading 2018-8, rather than 2019-4, when it was actually pressed. This was a mistake during stamping/wrapping at the factory, but the correct pressing date is from late April of 2019.


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