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2019 Nightfall

Our 2019 Nightfall is a commissioned yueguangbai,which is a shade dried white tea from Yunnan province. This production was made entirely of old arbor tea that is usually destined to be raw Puer tea. If you are accustomed to drinking yueguangbai teas with a bud heavy picking standard, you may notice that this tea has a lot of larger leaves; this is because when you make an old arbor tea you want to pick whatever the trees are giving and not waste a bit of it.

This tea has a thick enduring aroma and flavor with a hefty, silky body. A beautiful cake that any lover of white teas must try.

Each cake is 200 grams.
Pressed in 2019. Each cake is 200g. The cakes are in bamboo tongs, with five cakes per tong.


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