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2022 Inverse

Anhua heicha fu zhuan, or fu brick, is a post fermented tea from Hunan province in China that contains "golden flowers" (eurotium cristatum).

Another white2tea blend experiment, this blend contains Anhua Heicha from Hunan and raw Puer tea from Yunnan, married together in a golden flower ceremony, pressed and processed in Hunan.

Rich with the bite of an Anhua heicha and bolstered by the depth of a spring raw Puer blend, Inverse is a wonderful entryway into the fu brick genre. It's also better than 99% of the fu bricks that are made, but we are a little biased. Complex and engaging from start to finish with a daily drinker price tag.

Each brick is ~1000g of pressed tea.

Disclaimer: We've heard that people suffering from gluten allergies may be sensitive to Fu zhuan / eurotium cristatum. Best to avoid this tea if you are sensitive or have Celiac disease


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