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2022 Lich Tears

2022 Lich Tears is a blend of small batch shou Puer tea from Yunnan.

Several productions spanning several years, all high-end material that is rarely processed into shou Puer tea. All under our supervision from raw through to ripe, to the point that I was personally involved in picking and processing some of the raw myself. (a few of those kill green steps had my own two hands in the wok) Every small batch pile supervised step by step from start to finish in Menghai, with plenty of experimentation on high risk, high reward light fermentation styles. Suffice it to say, very hands on productions and a very unique blend.

Lich Tears begins with succulent enveloping bitterness, intense feeling and viscous red liquor. Layers of lightly fermented raw character peak through the darkness steep by steep as the tea evolves into a sweet and thick shou Puer with a tawny hue that will make you think you're drinking aged sheng. A blend not like any tea you've ever tried.

I'd recommend anybody who loves shou, aged sheng or unique tea experiments to try it at least once. It's freshly pressed in 2022 and already incredibly engaging, but with age it will truly shine.

Each cake is 200 grams of tea with 5 cakes in a bamboo tong.


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