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2024 Blood Moon

The return of the Blood Moon. A bit of an odd hybrid Yunnan tea. Picked and processed most similarly to yueguangbaior moonlight white tea that has been shade dried, this tea was also intentionally partially oxidized, about half way to being a black tea*. It's a unique tea that feels closer to an aged shade dried white.

The bright and clear soup is sweet and enduring, with a velvety softness and aromas that flit between vegetal and fruity. Soft strawberry flavors and grassy honey are at the forefront of its youth, though we suspect it will deepen and thicken up in the coming years. It's a beautiful experiment to experience.

Each cake is 200g. The cakes are in bamboo tongs, with five cakes per tong. Pressed in 2024.

*For categorical boxes, Blood Moon doesn't quite fit into either the white or black tea box, and technically is probably an oolong, due to it's partial oxidation during processing. However, for ease of understanding of this tea, since it drinks more like a black tea/white tea hybrid, we have listed it across those two categories rather than as an oolong tea, which in practice, it does not really resemble at all.

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