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2024 Jamrock Steady

A 7g sample of this tea was included in the March 2024 tea club.

Another one of these white2tea years in the making experiments. Aged raw Puer maocha from the mid 2010's pressed alongside light ferment small batch shou Puer than is 2-4 years old in a blend meant to mimic tea with decades of age.

The soup brews a dark red, with a the smoothness and body of shou Puer and the underlying complexity and aromatics of an aged raw Puer. Is it the same as drinking tea from the 1980's? Not really, but you'll save $10,000 compared to a real 1980's cake. Enjoyable daily tea for people seeking a more aged experience, or a novel experiment in blending. Even if you hate it, it'll be fun.

Pressed in 2024. Each cake is 200g. The cakes are wrapped in bamboo leaf tongs, with five cakes per tong.


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