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White Tea Basics

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Our goal when making the basics set was to offer an affordable crash course in white tea to anyone, anywhere.

The set contains eight different white teas; one of each of the following 7 gram single serving mini-cakes:

  1. 2016 Shoumei Fuding Fujian White Tea

  2. 2017 Shoumei Fuding Fujian White Tea

  3. 2017 Baimudan Fuding Fujian White Tea

  4. 2017 Gongmei Fuding Fujian White Tea

  5. 2017 Turtle Dove Yunnan White Tea

  6. 2018 Turtle Dove Yunnan White Tea

  7. 2018 Censers Guizhou Baimudan White Tea

  8. 2018 Lullaby Yunnan Baimudan White Tea

Our white tea basics set has a range of materials from three different provinces that spans several different grades of tea and years of production. The differences between region, processing, age, and varietals will offer new and experienced tea drinkers a wide range of experiences with white tea. Each mini cake is 7 grams, an ideal size for a single serving of gongfu tea.

Basics White Tea Sample Set is a tool for learning about white tea. Each purchase is for one set of eight 7 gram mini cakes. The total amount of tea is 56 grams. Each mini-cake was pressed by machine in 2018.


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