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Five Pile Laochatou

Laochatou are a condensed nugget of tea that naturally fuses together during the shou Puer pile process. A very small amount of chatou are produced from a pile, so we have taken the chatou from five of our piles and blended them together.

Given the nature of this blend (large chunks of tea from disparate materials and differing fermentation levels and producers) each session will be a bit of a surprise – just want you to know what you’re signing up for. That said, the materials are all excellent and we tried our best to blend materials that complement each other well. The youngest material in the blend is nearly 2 years old.

Available in 50g and 250g bags of loose laochatou.

One last word to the wise, if you fall in love with this tea, buy as much as you can reasonably afford as this production will be impossible to duplicate.


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