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Tea Terroir Ripe Puer

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Our goal when making this tea terroir set was to offer an affordable educational experience with single origin ripe Puer tea.

The set contains the following four regions, each with a100 gram mini-cake:

    1. Menghai

    1. Lincang / Mengku

    1. Lancang / Jingmai

    1. Yiwu

We purchased all of these teas in their entirety as raw maocha in 2016. We then had them piled in individual small batches in 2017 using a technique where small batches of ripe Puer are fermented in bamboo baskets, off of the ground, using water from a mountain spring nearby Menghai. We were hands on during this entire process from start to finish and opted for a small batch pile process in order to ensure the integrity of the base material.

These teas were removed from the piling process in late 2017. Each tea was in the pile an average of 35 days.

Although this is meant to be an educational set, the ripe Puer used in each cake is very high quality, making it appropriate for both beginners and experienced drinkers alike.

For brewing instructions, we recommend reading this article.
The Tea Terroir Ripe Puer Tea Sample Set is a tool for learning about ripe Puer tea with 100 gram cakes of single origin, small batch ripe Puer tea. Each purchase is for one mini-tong containing four 100 gram mini-cakes from four regions; Menghai, Yiwu, Lancang, and Lincang. The total amount of tea is 400 grams. Each cake was pressed by machine in 2018.


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