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November 23, 2022 2 min read

Our Biggest Tea Sale of the Year, 2022 Black Friday and Cyber Monday is Here!

Join us for our tenth anniversary Black Friday and Cyber Monday tea sale. New tea releases, free shipping and gift opportunities, and much more!

Use coupon code 10yearbf at checkout for free international shipping on orders of $29 or more.

The first 300 orders will receive a free white2tea beanie*, limit one per customer** while supplies last. Orders made after the first 300 will also receive free gifts/samples with every order. The gifts will be automatically added by us, no need for additional coupons or adding special items to your cart!

Which new teas should you try?

You can never have enough snooze.

It's tough to sleep with that ominous red moon in the sky though.

I prefer a more traditional white moonlight.

I like a moon that gets the wolves howlin.

I am just here for the interesting teas, can we tone down the bloody moon talk?

I'm hoping for a little bright spot in my morning tomorrow.

Or a big beam of sunshine.

The kind of morning where i can really take flight.

You can tell the winds are shifting, I reckon i'll need to keep warm.

Before the snowflakes of winter set in.

I'll be the Queen of winter.

It'll be awhile before the bees return.

Oh, how i'll miss the little bees, buzzing about.

Who knows what the future will bring?

I would like a little glimpse.

I'm not one for certainty.

Additional information about our 2022 Black Friday & Cyber Monday Tea Sale

*Beanies will be added automatically! No need to add to your cart and no coupon needed! The first 300 customers will receive this one size fits all steel gray white2tea logo beanie while supplies last

**For customers who make multiple orders, you will only receive one free beanie, gift or free sample

***We are starting a bit early in the hopes we can avoid further delays and lockdowns, as our Guangzhou warehouses district is currently experiencing many delays and shifting regulations. We will try our best to get your packages on the road as fast as we can, but we appreciate your patience as delays are the norm these days

white2tea co.
white2tea co.

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