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2002 Yiwu Huangpian

This raw Puer brick is not for the faint of heart. Let's just get this out of the way; If you are afraid of bits of random debris, unsightly leaves, unverifiable information, and generally unattractive leaves, this tea is not for you.

If you haven't been scared off, this is an excellent tea with a lot of age and an incredibly reasonable price. At the time this brick was made, huangpian [larger leaves] were viewed as undesirable, hence the shabby treatment this brick received. The tea is sweet and smooth, with an aged touch of medicinal flavors and wood. This is a great tea to brew gongfu style for a smooth aged treat.

The wrapper says "Yiwu Zhengshan" [yiwu mountain], as well as 250g, neither of which are necessarily accurate. Each tea brick is roughly 200 grams of tea of unknown origin. The exact age is just an estimation. This is not a zhongcha official production. However, at this bargain price, the tea will quickly assure you that none of those mysteries are particularly relevant. The tea is great.


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