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200X Wuliang Raw Puer

Raw Puer tea from Wuliang mountain, with the exact date of the tea being unknown. Our best guess is mid to late 2000's. The tea was in clean dry storage in South China, which has smoothed out the rough edges. The soup is sweet and easy to drink. It has a poppy, pleasant floral fragrance with a lasting sweetness in the mouth.

For around $50 for a 357g cake, this aged Puer is a great value.
357g pressed raw Puer cakes and a wrapper that lacks a date stamp, except for a trademark registration of 2006 and a QS registration of 2007. Our best guess for this tea is from the mid to late 2000's, but as with most aged cakes, we urge you to try them and buy on quality and value as opposed to numerical age.

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