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2018 White Tripel

The 2018 White Tripel is a blend of white tea that incorporates six different teas from three different provinces. The provinces of Fujian, Yunnan, and Guizhou are all present in the blend. The broad range of materials unite together to form a layered experience of smooth, fragrant sweetness. The Tripel has a complex floral base and creamy texture in the mouth. The flavors evolve from steep to steep as different materials contribute their character. We prefer this tea brewed gongfu style, but it also does well grandpa style or even simmered.

We hope you have the opportunity to try this unique blend of tea. Suitable for aging or immediate drinking.

Each cake is 200 grams.

Pressed in 2018. Each cake is 200g. The cakes are in bamboo tongs, with five cakes per tong.


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