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2019 Builders

A hand roasted bamboo black tea, the 2019 Builders is a perfect balance of working class utility and artisan tea snobbery. It is our white2tea twist on the classic concept strong style of "builder's tea" from the UK. This bud heavy whole leaf Yunnan sun dried tea was mercilessly crammed into bamboo and hand roasted over an open flame.

The result is a shard heavy tea with many of broken bits and plenty of surface area which cause the tea to steep out very quickly making a very potent brew for an afternoon pick me up or a morning eye opener. This tea is very versatile with a heavy aroma of fragrant bamboo, malt and honey; not to mention a booming lingering aftertaste. Steep in gongfu style like a bamboo loving connoisseur or western style topped off with cream like you have a job to do.

The mash up of style and function makes this unique tea a common morning cup in the white2tea house.

Each piece of bamboo was pressed with 200 grams of tea.

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