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2024 Great Blue Heron Minis

A blend of our own aged Yunnan raw Puer maocha spanning the mid-2010's, sent to a smokehouse in Tongmuguan village to be pine smoked by a veteran Lapsang smoker. The three day smoking process occurs at temperatures from 100C to 120C in an old style Lapsang smokehouse.

A perfect fit for Scotch whisky lovers and cigar fans who want tea in the morning, but this tea is a surprise that will likely garner even fans who are wary of smoke as well. Smoked and meaty, with herbaceous tobacco aromas and a middle aged woody incense at the base.

Each mini is ~7g.

For aging, we recommend that smoked teas be sealed and separated from other teas, as the fresh smoke will pass along to the teas next to it. Or you can keep them with your cigars.

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