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2024 Swayback

The 2024 Swayback ripe Puer was processed using a traditional technique of bamboo processing where the tea is pressed into fresh fragrant bamboo and hand roasted over an open flame before being dried for long term storage.

A blend of several small batch shou Puer teas, married together by the flame of the charcoal and the steam juices of fresh fragrant bamboo. We feel this style of tea is underappreciated, and continue to commission it year after year (though it's been far too long since we made a high-end shou). The charcoal roast, the bright sweet bamboo aromatics and the deep molasses of the shou sing together in perfect harmony.

Each purchase for a 200g piece will come enclosed in a bamboo shell similar to the one pictured, sizes and thicknesses will vary as one would expect with a plant.

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