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Bamboo Dove

This tea was produced in autumn of 2017 using a traditional technique for bamboo Puer pressing and a specific variety of fragrant bamboo. The base material is identical to our 2017 Turtle Dove.

The aromatics of the bamboo and the roast of the fire have engulfed with the white tea to make a very unique tea. It has a complex character of sweetness and smoothness, melded with the heavy nature of being roasted on an open flame.

The tea will benefit from a few months of rest, as it was processed in late October of 2017, and as of the release the taste of the roast is still quite fresh. Drink now or aged as desired.

We decided to produce this tea according to the natural shapes of the bamboo rather than waste pieces that didn’t fit our ideal shape or size. We will break apart the amount you choose and send it in a sealed bag. If you would like an entire piece with the bamboo, please contact us directly and we will help you choose a size. Most are around 400 grams.

Each purchase is for 50 grams.

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