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Basics Ripe Puer Tea Sample Set

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Our goal when making the basics set was to offer an affordable crash course in ripe Puer tea to anyone, anywhere.

The Basics Puer tea sample set is a tool for education and for introducing tea drinkers to ripe Puer tea. The set contains the following four 100 gram mini-cakes:

    1. 2015 Buds and Small Leaves (Grades: Gongting [Imperial], Teji [Special], Grade 1)

    1. 2015 Medium Size Leaves (Grades 3-5)

    1. 2015 Larger Coarse Leaves (Grades 7-9, including stems and huangpian [the largest leaf in Puer processing])

    1. 2015 Old Reliable (Our house blend, which involves all of the above grades, but not identical teas)

We have separated ripe Puer tea into three distinct cakes; they ascend from the smallest leaf to the largest leaf. Each cake only has material from specific graded sizes in order to amplify the traits that each grade of leaf has to offer. The fourth cake is our house blend, Old Reliable, which can be used as a comparison to why a blend of ripe Puer tea tends to give a deeper experience than simply pressing a single grade.

Although this is meant to be an educational set, the ripe Puer used in each cake is very good quality, making it appropriate for both beginners and experienced drinkers alike.

For brewing instructions, we recommend reading this article.
Basics Puer Tea Sample Set is a tool for learning about ripe Puer tea with samples. Each purchase is for one mini-tong containing four 100 gram mini-cakes. The total amount of tea is 400 grams. Each cake was pressed by machine in 2015.


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