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2016 ChocoBar Sample Set

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The Chocobar Tasting set is a sample set that explores different tea types in a convenient and easy to brew chocolate bar brick shape. The tea types include:

  • Raw Puer Tea

  • Ripe Puer Tea

  • White Tea

Each tea brick is 100 grams. All material used in the bricks is from the Yunnan province of China. The set is an excellent comparison of processing methods for new tea drinkers, but the leaf used is all high quality, so even experienced drinkers can enjoy the Chocobars! They are ideal for tea on the go or as a small gift for a tea drinker.

Each set contains three bricks, totaling 300 grams of tea.
Each purchase is for a set of three different bricks: ripe Puer, raw Puer, and white tea. Each brick is 100 grams, the total amount of tea is 300 grams. Each brick was pressed by machine in 2016.

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