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Tea Terroir Raw Puer

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The Tea Terroir Raw Puer Sample Set includes four 100 gram cakes from the following regions:

  • Menghai

  • Lancang/Jingmai

  • Lincang/Mengku

  • Yiwu

Tea Terroir is a tasting set that explores the differences between regions in Yunnan. The entire set is raw Puer tea, processed in nearly identical fashion. However, each region has specific environmental factors that affect the terroir of the tea, such as soil, weather, and altitude. While each cake is an introduction to the region, keep in mind that each region also has vast variations. For example, Menghai area teas have literally thousands of variations, of which this tasting set can only represent a very quick glimpse.

The Tea Terroir Raw Puer Tea Sample Set is a tool for learning about Puer tea. Each purchase is for one mini-tong containing four 100 gram mini-cakes. The total amount of tea is 400 grams. Each cake was pressed by machine in 2016.

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