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Big Leaf Bamboo

This tea was produced in autumn of 2015 with 2014 Puer material using a traditional technique for bamboo Puer pressing. The Big Leaf Bamboo is named for the Huanpian [larger, older Puer leaves] that were used in its making. The tea starts with a bitter character and becomes sweeter as the session progresses, the tea flavors meld with the bamboo throughout. The tea can also be boiled for a heavy syrupy drink, or used in cooking rice to impart a tea/bamboo flavor. Drink now or aged as desired.

We decided to produce this tea according to the natural shapes of the bamboo rather than waste pieces that didn't fit our ideal shape or size. We will break apart the amount you choose and send it in a sealed bag.

Each purchase amount is 50 grams.
Roughly 350 grams of Bamboo Puer tea. Production using 2014 Huangpian material, pressed in 2015. Each purchase is for 50g.

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